Five tips on how to buy matching shoes online

Purchasing new fashion pieces into your wardrobe today no longer has to involve exhausting running around stores, searching for your dream clothes on the shelves, or standing in line for a long time. Online shopping has been trendy for several years, but it can still have pitfalls. And the choice of shoes is doubly essential.

Maybe you have already experienced it - you ordered great-looking shoes through the e-shop, and an unpleasant surprise awaited you when they arrived. Whether you are disappointed by the wrong size, poor colour or quality of the material, don't be discouraged by online shopping forever! Here are some simple tips for you.

1. Measure the size according to the seller's advice.

Most shoe manufacturers have their size charts, so it's sometimes hard to hit the right brand across different brands. Sellers, therefore, provide instructions on their websites on how to measure your foot so that your shoes fit you perfectly after delivery. Even though you have shoes of the same size at home, it does not hurt to remeasure your foot online.

2. Buy more shoes of different sizes.

If even after measuring the foot according to the instructions, you are not sure, you can try another trick - buying more pairs of shoes, each of which will have a different size. So you can try on your shoes in the comfort of your own home. You will then return the sizes that do not suit you for free.

3. View photos.

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it can be challenging to determine your shoes' same quality and finish. If you want to be 100% sure, shop with a dealer who has their photos on the site - not the ones from the original manufacturer. They are the ones that have the most excellent telling value. Pictures of shoes from more than one angle is also a significant advantage.

4. Pay for the goods in advance.

Most online stores offer a cheaper purchase with online payment or prepayment on the account. Many retailers today do not provide cash on delivery, and if so, there is a charge for this service. You will save several tens of crowns by paying for the goods in advance.

5. Find out the return options.

Please read the product exchange or return policy carefully before making your first purchase. Some e-shops already offer this service for free today, which will pay off if you choose the wrong size. At Simple and sweet, you can return non-compliant goods free of charge within 30 days of purchase. The money for the order will be returned to your account, even within the paid postage. Find out the return options.

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