Buying Simple and Sweet sneakers will support clean oceans.

Having a perfectly matched wardrobe is perhaps the dream of each of us. An essential part of your outfit is the shoes that fine-tune the look to absolute perfection. Through its e-shop, Simple and sweet will immediately offer you a whole range of comfortable and at the same time stylish shoes that are worth trying - from sneakers through espadrilles to boots! And because the topic in recent years is not only to follow fashion trends but also to help the environment, the shoe retailer does not pack shoes in boxes and has established exciting cooperation with the 4ocean project.

If you have ever thought about how much waste you have produced in your life, you will undoubtedly agree with us that it is time to start helping nature a little - even the seas and oceans. At present, our waters clog more than a quarter of a million tons of plastic waste, which, among other things, causes the extinction of many valuable aquatic animals. Unfortunately, the situation will no longer be solved by sorting the waste itself; the starting point of the problem today is also the minimization of the damage caused. The 4ocean project focuses on cleaning the bottom and surface of the oceans, seas, rivers and beaches. Founded in Florida in 2017 by two surfers after visiting plastic-contaminated Bali, the company has so far removed more than £ 16 million in waste from watercourses and the coast.

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Simple and sweet is one of those who, through the Pound plus program, participates in collecting funds intended for the collection of waste that 4ocean regularly pulls from the seas and oceans. Thanks to this cooperation, you can now get involved in cleaning our planet. By purchasing a bracelet that contributes equally financially to the program, you will help nature, and you will also get a stylish accessory for beautiful sneakers!

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