Disposable clothes? Let's try it differently!

Waste sorting, (non) food waste, cycling instead of a car. The trend of a sustainable way of life is still growing, and often it is enough to change only the little things, and we can live sustainably concerning nature and our wallet. What to start within our closet, for example?

As is well known, the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters. It produces over 150 billion pieces of clothing a year, with billions of discarded items ending up in incinerators and landfills. So how is it possible that we are standing in front of a full closet and still have nothing to wear? Clothes are available today, and we are not so often sorry to throw them away after a few wears and repurchase new ones. But it goes differently. One solution is to shop less, throw less, and evaluate your purchase more because fashion is primarily a matter of quality and style, not quantity.

Prevent waste

Do you sometimes wonder where all the clothes that aren't sold go away?

Did you know that ...

  • According to the Czech Statistical Office, about 200,000 thousand tons of textiles end up in municipal waste every year
  • If we keep our clothes for nine months longer, we will reduce their ecological footprint by 20 to 30%.
  • Every second (!) textile from one truck end up in an incinerator or landfill
  • In 2015, more than 100 billion garments were produced worldwide for the first time, with 60% ending up in landfills the same year.
  • Clothing has an average of twice less the lifespan of in 2000.
  • According to the UN, the production of the fashion industry will increase by almost two thirds by 2030

Shopping in Outlets can be a partial solution to this challenging situation.

Quality wardrobe is more affordable than we think.

Clothes allow us to express ourselves and the opportunity to make the best first impression. At the same time, it is so affordable that we do not think much about it. But what do you prefer quality pieces for a comparable price that last much longer than just a few washes? You recognize quality clothing, and it is simply more comfortable to wear. Better material is known, and even after repeated washing, the fabric remains firm. It just doesn't fade, and the clothes last longer.

"The world is following a trend of so-called fast fashion, with chains changing their collections every few weeks. People don't even have to buy them, so the producers themselves dispose of their unsold goods. That's why we save (and carefully select) discarded clothing from well-known brands that would otherwise end up in a landfill or incinerator. ” says Elena Janda, founder of the outlet Simple and Sweet. You don't have to have clothes in your closet that are to be thrown away after a few washes. The solution can be outlets to find quality clothing at a comparable price. In addition, smaller outlets choose their pieces carefully; they often have only one size from each piece, so they do not accumulate extra clothes.

Clothes as an investment.

We count the crowns on all sides, and we rarely think about what the purchase of low-quality clothes in our wallets will do?

Let's try to follow the following rule - the cost of wear = total price of the item/number of wear. This formula will give us a better idea of how much our clothes will cost us in the long run. For example, if we pay 1000 crowns for clothes and wear them 100 days a year for five years, it is two crowns. However, if we buy clothes for 500 crowns and wear them for 100 days, but only one year, the price for wear will remain at five crowns. This proves that we can save on clothes when we buy better pieces.

This proves that we can save on clothes when we buy better pieces. Moreover, even though the price seems low initially, if we repeat the purchase a few times, it starts to add up relatively quickly. However, if our clothes last longer and we like to wear them, we will not feel the need to renew our wardrobe constantly, and therefore we will spend less over time. However, it is unnecessary to throw away the entire closet and fill it with branded clothing. The change may come gradually, but believe me, you can recognize the difference.

Branded wardrobe

Do you have an entire closet of things you don't wear? Finding treasures among the clothes in such Outlets can lead to finding an original piece for a lot of good money. Nowadays, online shopping can be a perfect solution due to Covid measures and better and easier search by filtering. If we invest time or money in clothes, we will probably wear them more than once, and we will have a different relationship to it than to a T-shirt for a few crowns.

What if our clothes get tired of us?

Our style is evolving. The size can fluctuate, which is why sometimes the clothes we thought we would wear for many years do not fit us. Before you throw an unwanted piece in the trash, try to wonder if it is not possible to dispose of it differently. Many clothes are made of synthetic fibres, which means that their disassembly can take up to 200 years, after which they will lie in the landfill. Therefore, consider whether your clothes cannot be donated to charity, friends and family or recycled. Why not change clothes at home one weekend? You will enjoy the fun, and maybe you will find the dream piece for yourself. Nowadays, there are also a lot of marketplaces where you can sell goods. The fact is that quality brands also have better sales value than fast fashion goods (if they last that long), and you certainly won't lose.

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