Espadrilles, city and beach shoes

Fashionable and stylish espadrilles are unique women's and men's shoes because they are practical, have a tasteful design and offer perfect comfort. In addition, the boots are at a reasonable price. Lightness, airiness, and a sole woven from natural materials are typical for espadrille shoes. In the summer, they will quickly replace sneakers, loafers and sandals. No wonder ladies and gentlemen around the world liked them. Espadrilles have won the favour of even luxury fashion designers themselves, who repeatedly include them in their exclusive collections.

What are espadrilles?

Espadrilles, sometimes incorrectly called espedrills, are Spanish summer shoes with a linen or cotton top and jute sole. They have become a worldwide hit mainly for their lightness, breathability, comfort, practicality and casualness. Thanks to the use of natural materials, they are ideal for hot days, during which they provide unprecedented comfort. They are worn barefoot, suitable for both women and men; they can be worn both in the city and on the beach. Initially, casual leisure shoes are now part of the simple dress code. These trendy shoes should not be missing in any summer wardrobe or shoebox.

Espadrilles, or from a plantation to a fashion catwalk.

Espadrilles, as we know them today, come from Spain. Initially, only the poorest groups in society wore espadrilles shoes, mainly peasants and workers. In the 1960s, the two acclaimed artists, Picasso and Dali, made them popularized, and since then, the view of espadrilles has changed - they have become a fashionable and sought-after product. Ten years later, interest in them increased, thanks to French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who made them famous on the catwalks. Espadrilles were never considered cheap shoes for the lower classes, and their price rose dramatically.

Various shapes, colors, designs of espadrilles

Nowadays, espadrilles are no longer just closed shoes, as they used to be; there are shoes with a free toe or heel, in the form of slippers and comfortable sneakers. A heeled variant with an impressive ankle tie is suitable for the dress, and espadrilles on a higher sole for more petite women. And ladies who prefer elegant style will undoubtedly appreciate the models with a tapered toe. You can easily decorate the shoes using a minimalist design. You can also choose from various colours and patterns - from classic black and white, through beige, blue or red to pink, green, gold and silver.

How and where to wear espadrilles?

Another advantage of espadrilles is their stylish versatility - they perfectly support casual, sporty and elegant outfits:

  • you can wear them with long, airy dresses and short summer dresses or linen shorts.
  • you can also wear comfortable jogger pants with a T-shirt and cap.
  • the urban look gets a sporty-elegant swing thanks to the combination of espadrilles with stylish chinos pants and a polo shirt.
  • if you are betting on careless elegance, try combining espadrilles with shorts, skinny jeans or even a tiny black dress.
  • women's espadrilles also look great with blouses with an embroidered pattern and jacket.
  • if you often wear classic black and white, get colourful espadrilles with playful decorations that give the bland model an imaginative touch.
  • you can pack espadrille shoes for a holiday to the sea or the tropics because they do not sweat their feet even in the hottest weather.
  • classic closed models protect the feet, including the toes, to handle nature trips.
  • thanks to their exceptional comfort, espadrilles can also serve as home shoes and replace relatively unsightly slippers.

Men's espadrilles

Espadrilles' shoes are no less popular with men - in the end, it was men, led by Yves Saint Laurent, who made them the desired trendy shoes. And how are men's espadrilles worn? They look great with chinos pants or cotton and denim shorts and airy linen shirts. They fit perfectly into the navy style, so they form a particularly successful combination with a white T-shirt with blue stripes or a linen shirt, beige chinos and a dark blue jacket. Or would gentlemen prefer elegance in an urban version? Then it is appropriate to put espadrilles on a patterned shirt, chinos, linen trousers or classic jeans and a casual jacket.

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