Practical shoes from OLDCOM brand at the best prices on Simple and Sweet e-shop

Practicality, sustainability, and modern appearance are the main goals of the footwear manufacturer OLDCOM, a brand that entered the fashion market in 1994. You can now purchase stylish slip-on sneakers, espadrilles, slippers, and winter boots for all ages in the Simple and Sweet e-shop, which has become the exclusive distributor of this brand in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The story of the OLDCOM brand began in the Republic of Moldova, a beautiful and sunny country full of positive energy and wine. At first, OLDOM produced small-volume PVC footwear here, and in 2005 a large factory was built, which enabled the company to become a leader in the Moldovan market and have business opportunities in foreign countries. OLDCOM currently produces 500 different summer and winter footwear models for men, women, and children.

Despite its successes, the company still pays attention to its product's environmental and social impact. Sustainable production of OLDCOM FACTORY begins at the stage of purchasing raw materials and continues with economically sound procedures, minimizing adverse effects on society and saving energy and natural resources. The production uses primarily ecological substances - flax, cotton and other materials that are minimally harmful to the environment. And it also saves on the packaging made from reusable, recyclable or compostable materials.

If you are looking for new shoes in your winter or summer wardrobe, get inspired in the OLDCOM offer EXCLUSIVELY AT THE SIMPLE AND SWEET E-SHOP.

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