Quality shoes are worth their weight in gold

Feet are the basis of our daily lives, so it is essential to give them the best possible foundation. Although it is necessary for us that our shoes look perfect  and match the rest of our wardrobe , we also need to think about making them feel good. Not only will we enjoy life a little more, but above all, we will support our overall health.

And it's worth it!

Health comes first.

It often happens that fashion and quality do not go hand in hand. In this way, we buy beautiful shoes, which can cause us very unpleasant health problems. Wrong shoes can cause leg pain and back neck, or head pain. For example, we can mention women's high-heeled pumps, which are pleasing to the eye, but in the long run, can cause injuries to the ankle joint or a broken toe. Thus, Espadrilles , for example, are becoming an ideal variant, as they can still be a symbol of femininity, and yet they will not have any bearing on their health.

Women's Espadrilles Men's Espadrilles

Unpleasant odor

Did you know that the soles of your feet can sweat up to 100 millilitres of water a day? Since most of us don't change our shoes during the day, it's no wonder that many people experience annoying foot odours. In addition, there is an increased risk of mould, which is often treated during the long haul. To avoid these problems, change your shoes regularly during the day and pay attention to the breathability of shoes, socks, and regular hygiene.

Women's Men's Children's
Light black shoes made of canvas

If the look and your health are essential for choosing shoes, direct your steps to the Simple and Sweet e-shop . You will find both breathable fabric sneakers and comfortable slippers or stylish espadrilles here.

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