(not only) Wedding sneakers!

Wedding in sneakers

The bride and groom spend the entire wedding day virtually on their feet, usually in uncomfortable pumps and low shoes. Why bother on heels and skinny shoes? Forget traditions, prejudices, expectations and treat yourself to comfort - go for sneakers! If you are not planning a wedding at the castle or church, put them on for the ceremony. Alternatively, slip into your shoes right after.


Why sneakers  for a wedding?

Almost every bride in stiletto heels suffers from the fear that she will stumble on the way to the altar. And absolutely every bride on stiletto heels can't wait for her to change into more comfortable shoes without a heel.

The sneakers are very comfortable, they are easy to walk in, and you can stay in them from morning until evening. So if you want to feel great during your big day, bet on wedding sneakers. It offers perfect comfort and a wedding, unconventional and traditional; they add a touch and an unusual atmosphere.

But what will grandmothers say about sneakers?

Wedding sneakers can be a surprise to someone they won't like. Proponents of the classics, parents and especially grandparents, may not understand the comfortable variant of footwear. But don't be put off - you even have three options:

  • Don't worry about it at all, it's your day, and it's up to you how you enjoy it. It's your wedding, and you have to feel lovely and unique. If comfortable sneakers help you, just put them on.
  • If you're already worried about your family when you show up in sneakers at a wedding, make a compromise - ceremony in "needles" and fun sneakers when your feet are tired after a few hours of heels.
  • Or specify sneakers as a dress code - challenge the wedding guests in the invitation to prioritize comfort and arrive in sneakers as well, so you won't be alone with the groom.

Wedding sneakers are not for everyone.

Sneakers are suitable for weddings that have a casual character. You will make a show in them mainly at a wedding in woods, in the meadow, in a barn, in the garden, in park, on the beach, elsewhere in nature, in a casual environment.

Notably, wedding sneakers should be worn by the groom as well. The bride's dress should not be seen until the ceremony, but this is not the case with the shoes - make sure you are in good harmony.

For example, when you suggest him, wedding converse , which is also among men one of the most popular sneakers, and if he wants to be stylish, he certainly will not be against it.

Wedding Converse

Not only white sneakers for the wedding

Wedding sneakers can have a lot of different forms, from minimalistic through elegant to mischievous. Nowhere is it given how they should look. Therefore, sneakers do not even have to be pure white.

You can choose between cream, beige, silver, gold, pink, yellow, red, menthol, black…

The colour of sneakers is best matched with the colour of the wedding bouquet, nail polish and other accessories - thanks to such details, it will be perfect. Tune the white wedding sneakers with laces, for example, chiffon or lace ribbon - this will make them different from the usual ones at first glance. You can also have them painted.

Painted sneakers for the wedding we decorate with drawings in the form of hearts, flowers, newlyweds. More expensive models can even be precisely hand embroidered. Lace sneakers or decorated beads have a more festive look. It depends on your budget. You can use ordinary sneakers that you customize, invest in more expensive wedding sneakers that will suit your ideas, or have your wedding shoes painted and decorated to measure.

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