Slippers, slippers and once again slippers!

Why should you slip in slippers at home?

Forget about the ego and slip into comfortable home slippers when you come home, thanks to which you will relieve your tired legs all day long and benefit your health.

Home slippers do not necessarily have to be ugly slippers; some slippers meet the most significant demands for comfort and, at the same time, have a flair.

Women's slippers

If you work in closed heeled shoes and then spend the whole day in the office, your insteps, toes, and feet suffer from tightness and fever. They change their volume (up to 1.5 sizes) because they swell during the day and call for open slippers to breathe better and have better blood circulation. In addition, wearing closed shoes all day supports the development of various fungal and skin problems.

Men's Slippers

Dropping shoes at home after returning from work and staying barefoot is not a good solution. Walking barefoot is healthy, but not on every surface. It is suitable, for example, for sand, clay, grass, small fine pebbles, etc. On the contrary, it is inappropriate to walk barefoot on a hard surface because the arch of the foot can collapse over time, etc. This also applies to all flat home floors. So if you don't have bushy carpets at home, get home slippers.

Children's slippers

Even more important is changing shoes for children. Most babies have healthy feet, but older children already suffer from unsuitable shoes and running barefoot on flat hard surfaces with various foot deformities. Appropriate slippers, which children should wear at home and in nurseries, kindergartens, and schools, contribute to the healthy development of the feet.

Slippers for guests

Slippers While we shake our heads at American movies, where the "heroes" don't even take their shoes off, visitors from abroad can't understand when they come across a person in comfortable slippers in a company kitchen. And what if they come to someone's house and have to challenge themselves. Shifting visits to domestic slippers is customary in only a few countries (apart from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, Scandinavia, Islamic countries, partly Canada, Austria and Germany are also on the list), but it is pretty logical for guests.

Because who takes off his shoes, then:

  • does not walk on the scrubbed floor,
  • doesn't scratch the floor with the stones in the shoe sole,
  • is considerate of children who usually play on the ground,
  • doesn't bring bacteria into the apartment, which will catch on shoes when passing through bird droppings, around trash cans and horns peeing from dogs, public toilets, etc., etc.
  • he will give rest not only to himself but also to his feet.

Home slippers

In the 1920s, Czech businessman Tomáš Baťa began producing slippers at great prices. He called them home shoes and promoted a massive advertising campaign that enticed them to relax in comfortable slippers. In the 1960s, the changeover won thanks to the construction of housing estates. People often had to move into prefabricated flats before everything was finished, and going home meant wading hundreds of meters of ploughed fields. There was even a custom to carry slippers in a plastic bag at that time.

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