What are the transport options?


For orders worth more than CZK 1,500, we pay for shipping. In other cases, we have the following transport options for you:

1) DPD courier – 99 Kč.
DPD courier Slovak Republic - 7,55 EUR.

The goods will be delivered to your home safely and quickly by DPD, thanks to which you can enjoy your dream piece the next day. After handing over the package for transport, DPD will inform you via SMS and e-mail about the date and time of delivery, which can be changed according to your needs. If the carrier does not reach you, it will try to deliver the next working day. You can track your shipment or change the delivery date via the link on the DPD website.


2) Zásilkovna – 59 Kč.
Zásilkovna Slovak Republic – 2,7 EUR.

Zásilkovna nabízí vyzvednutí zásilky už druhý den na výdejním místě, které si vyberete. Zásilka bude pro vás uskladněna po dobu 7 dnů, úložní dobu je možné prodloužit až na 21 dní. Seznam poboček Zásilkovny si můžete prohlédnout zde. Sledovat vaši zásilku můžete prostřednictvím odkazu na webu Zásilkovny.

Zásilkovna order offers to pick up the consignment the next day at the delivery point of your choice. Zásilkovna will store the shipment for you for seven days. You can extend up the storage of your order period to 21 days. You can view the list of Zásilkovna branches here. You can track your shipment via a link on the Zásilkovna website.


3) Česká pošta only for the Czech Republic – 99 Kč.

You can track your shipment or change the delivery date via a link on the website České pošty.


4) Personal collection - 0 Kč.

You can pick up the order in person at our service point in Prague. For personal collection, please always wait for confirmation that we have the goods ready for you.


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